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    People in the deaf community are twice as likely to have mental health issues than hearing people. Deafness can be a lonely and isolating disability due to the simple fact that we cannot hear fully. Therefore maintaining good mental health and self care is so important

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    For a person with a disability, allies are a lifeline. Someone who has your back and ensures you are included and supported. Someone who provides you with a psychological safety net by stepping in when things are difficult. Someone who enables you to perform to your very best. Someone who knows your need to practice self-care in order to protect your mental health. 

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    Welcome to Hear me out; a series of blog posts written to introduce you to the world through my eyes and, most importantly my ears, as a profoundly deaf person. They will form a personal storybook that I hope will both entertain and educate on just what a difference an inclusive workplace and society can make for people with disabilities such as deafness.