Very powerful & impactful

Thanks very much for your presentation -it was very powerful and sharing your story have inspired all the participants so much that we had comments on our intranet later on.

Your presentation will be available by replay and I already know a lot of people who will watch it later. We were captivated and could have listen to you all day really.
I’m sure your testimonial and experience sharing will have an impact and will change the way we include diversity in the workplace – it will certainly do that for me.

Sandrine Letellier
VP Global Marketing at Convatec Group

Incredibly educational & thought-provoking

This week we welcomed Sarah Petherbridge – Disability Awareness Trainer – to Chilly’s to talk to us all about ‘abilities’ not ‘disabilities’, and how important it is to embed equity and inclusivity into our culture.

It was an incredibly educational and thought-provoking session, enlightening us all to the hidden experiences of others. Thank you, Sarah!

I’m sure your testimonial and experience sharing will have an impact and will change the way we include diversity in the workplace – it will certainly do that for me.

Emma Ely-Johnston
People Director, Chilly’s

Disability confident

It was valuable to hear about your story and how we can become better allies for those who may need it.

I am really keen to see this improve at Mulberry and I feel that you have helped me become more disability confident.

I look forward to having more conversations about this in the future. Thank you so much.

Jen Reid
Recruitment and Training Advisor, Mulberry

A super D&I leader

Sarah and I worked closely together for several years as part of the Ability network (Ability EY) leadership team at EY and it was an absolute pleasure to present her with the firm’s top award for Ability leadership at the Ability EY inaugural awards event in December 2017.

She is a D&I change-leader and takes on challenges that others shy away from. For example constructively speaking truth to power when needed (including me!), being a highly visible role-model for people with hearing loss (and other impairments), and ensuring that supportive technology actually worked for her colleagues who needed it.

In summary, Sarah is a super D&I leader and team-player who gets things done and inspires others to do the same.

Iain Wilkie
Executive Coach for Quiet Leaders & Founder 50 Million Voices, TEDX speaker

An extraordinary woman

Sarah is an extraordinary woman who has done so much to build the ERG networks at EY – she is fearless, imaginative and a wonderful collaborator.

Kate Nash OBE
CEO PurpleSpace, creator of #PurpleLightUp movement

Great thought provoking session

Great thought provoking disability training session today with our senior management team.

Thank you to Sarah Petherbridge for sharing your personal experiences & helping us better understand what disability means, including invisible disabilities.

Claire Jarvis
Managing Director, Redrow

Impactful, open & engaging

Thank you very much for joining us on IDPD and leading such an impactful, open and engaging talk. There was so much for us to take away and reflect on and your advice has given us all lots of practical steps to improve our approach to disability inclusion at A&O.

Allen & Overy
D&I team

Insightful and practical

A very insightful and practical presentation, full of guidance and recommendations on what best practice looks like in the workplace today. Thank you.

Insurance group

Highly recommend

Sarah has delivered disability awareness training to our Divisional Boards and HR colleagues

It was a really powerful session as Sarah shared her personal experience living with a disability and the impact this can have on an individual and their mental health.

A well received session which was engaging, insightful and raised awareness significantly on workplace inclusivity.

Following Sarah’s sessions, we received lots of positive feedback from across the business. We would highly recommend Sarah as a disability awareness trainer.

Helen Muckley
HR Partner, Redrow

Fantastic & highly educational

The training really re-emphasized the importance of asking others how we can help as allies rather than make assumptions. It also provided us with enough information to ask better questions and not be afraid to do so. Fantastic.